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Trefacwn – biggest and best veg in St Davids?

Trefacwn – biggest and best veg in St Davids?

Whilst making the challenge of biggest and best veg in St Davids, I think we can safely say that’s a bigger than the average beetroot. Having said that, a lot of our veg got to be pretty big, should have seen the fennel – must be all that love and care, or, pretty good manure.

We are continuing to perfect our growing and choosing what we grow, and Eilan has now taken up the mantel and will be leading the way in the garden. Eilan is hoping to expand our growing this year with the hope of offering more home grown produce to our guests. I have a feeling there will be some unusual veg going in there too.

Happy New Year to all

BeFunky_beet 2.jpg

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